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Limited Edition Laser Engraved Survival Tin (PreOrder)

£50.00 / Coming Soon

This is a PreOrder Item to allow people to participate. The preorder will run for 14 days (Until Sunday 19th) to allow the maximum number of participants the opportunity to the maximum of 50. Ordering will then take place. US customers will be sent directly from the US, all other customers will be sent once they reach us approx one week later. (Early Adopters Discount is included)

When the SEALS wanted a survival tin they had one especially made that was designed to be more than a regular tobacco tin. It had to stand up to the extreme vigor's of survival in all situations.

This tin has all of those properties including a Hard anodized coating suitable for cooking, digging, self defense. To help retention there are 2 Replaceable Velcro straps connected to the lid which also includes a High-Intensity Silver Retro-Reflective Panel, fitted to inside of lid. (Including a gasket to promote a perfect seal)
Dust proof and water resistant it keeps everything safe, contained and protected no matter how harsh the terrain is.
The logo is laser engraved and allows you display your support with pride!

Outside approx dimensions: 2.5″W x 4″L x 1.25″D
Weight: 3.2oz