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Load Bearers


Theres always little essentials that can be lost or dropped. Or just gear you need handy at all times.
So no matter if you need to keep gloves handy, EMT shears, tape, det cord, waterproofs, chemlights, horizontally or vertically on your vest or pack, we have a handy solution!
Our shock cord load bearers can now allow you to hold things in place or close to you no matter what you are doing. Loop them onto your molle and cinch down onto the load. Easy to fit and sold in pairs in two sizes for a host of uses.
Have cord you need to keep together? Slip a couple of these directly onto the cord and drop it in your pack for tangle, knot free cord when you need it.

Loads of uses and a great way to keep things neat.

Coyote Versions do not have ITW nexus cord ends due to lack of availability. Ends are Knotted.

  • Load bearers (Black Short Pair) Sold Out
  • Load Bearers (Black Long Pair) 60%
  • Load bearers (Coyote Short Pair) 60%
  • Load bearers (Coyote Long Pair) 100%