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Sjambok Flex 2.0

£7.99 / Coming Soon

The original Sjambok is made from materials not available anymore. We used that style and idea to remake a flexible, and therefore easily stowable Sjambok for EDC.
After a clients request for a tool to slip into a sleeve, thread through a belt or drop inside a waist band but easily and rapidly deployed, looking at history was the best answer.

This can easily be shortened if needed, its extremely durable and delivers extreme pain with little to no effort. No matter how strong or weak you are!

The flexible aspect of this means it wont imprint or hinder your normal actions.

Care should be taken when hitting the face! The Mark 2.0 version has fixed caps which help grip and add to the whip effect on the business end.

BE WARNED - This item causes extreme lasting pain and deep tissue injury. It is not a toy.