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Tour Guide Assembled !Over Run!

£10.00 / On Sale

These are sale items, once they are gone we will only have standard kits remaining.

At just 55mm Long the Laser Cut Tour Guide offers a complete array of useful essentials for when things go wrong.
The Tour Guide holds either the supplied 13mm Military Rated Oil Filled compass or you can add one of the 14mm SERE Compasses if you prefer too as an upgrade. This is held in on the rear by a velcro patch so you dont have to use adhesive. It will hold the compass safely, so if you want to upgrade later, we even supply a spare velcro patch for you just in case.
The side is recessed to allow one of the supplied Chemical Lights to sit in, held in by a couple of rings for the perfect snug fit. Read a map, delve in your kit or find each other in the dark. The lights always held in place ready to go.
Add the supplied Cyflect Velcro tag on the back and you have a reflective marker as well as a glow in the dark tag adding to the ability of the Tour Guide to deliver like all professional Guides should!
Want more? Well we added a hanging loop for a lanyard or one of our Tool Hangers.

This Tour Guide will always be with you, no matter what the environment throws at you, its always on hand to get you out of trouble and keep you on the right track.

  • Tour Guide Mk II Kit (SERE compass Black) Sold Out
  • Tour Guide Mk II Kit (Frosted) Sold Out
  • Tour Guide Mk II Kit (Standard Clear) 75%